Crop Shelters

Natural Elements and Predators Can Ruin Your Crops

Properly designed and constructed protective shelters reduce weather and predator damage through eliminating hail and frost damage, creation of microclimate, significant wind protection, bird and bat protection, reduced sun burn, and less wind rub. The reduction in wind strength means more time available for spraying.

Result is higher financial returns for you due to higher yield, less damage, reduced evaporation and less need for irrigation

Hail protection

We design, supply and erect, or just construct the optimum shelter for your needs. With our designs we can supply all the necessary components needed for your shelter. All designs are prepared using CAD computer programs.

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Grape covers


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Wind breaks
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Bird netting

Other types of protective covers include cherry covers, hail protection, pest nets

More details on hail protection and bird netting

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Eliminate hail damage
Creation of microclimate
Significant wind protection
Bird and bat protection
Reduced sun and wind burn
Less wind rub
Reduction in wind strength means more time available for spraying.

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Higher yield
Reduced evaporation
Less need for irrigation

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Peter Smith Contractors can tailor make a solution for your conditions.  With over 25 years experience, Peter Smith Contractors will individually design, supply and construct protective structures to suit your specific needs.

Our experienced, professional workforce using modern, specialised equipment ensures that your protective structure is specifically designed for your circumstances and is of the highest quality.

Workmanship is fully guaranteed on all projects constructed in accordance with our standard proven specifications.