Our Background

Peter Smith started building structures to protect farmers’ crops over 25 years ago in New Zealand.

Protection over run-off dam

In 1987, Australian horticulturalists were so impressed with his work in New Zealand that they invited him to construct similar structures to protect their crops from wind, hail, birds, sun and rain.

Subsequently Peter relocated his business, “Peter Smith Contractors” to Australia and established his head office in Tumut NSW. 

Peter is a registered skilled Fencing Instructor with New Zealand Wire Industries Limited and is now considered a leading specialist in the design and construction of any structures involving steel poles, timber poles, steel cable and cloth and plastic.

Specialising in fencing, horticultural, viticulture and rural construction, he has built shade and water protection for cherries, trellising for the grape industry, as well as building a micro-climate for horticultural and viticulture industries.

Construction of artificial shelters gives growers many benefits in crop protection, for example: predator damage, wind damage, hail damage, elimination of sunburn, reduced frost damage, less evaporation, reducing the harshness of the extreme temperatures.

We design, supply and erect, or just construct the optimum shelter for your needs. With our designs we can supply all the necessary components needed for your shelter. All designs are prepared using CAD computer programs.  We provide ongoing maintenance and support.

We also offer rain cover, wind breaks, bird netting, shade houses, security fences, farm fences or total development of any horticultural blocks.

The experienced team uses the latest machinery available including hydra ladders, excavators, tractors and loaders to ensure jobs are completed quickly and efficiently.

All cloth used in the shelters is prepared on site.

Our workmanship is fully guaranteed provided we have full authority over the erection of the structure.

We have been involved in the horticultural and viticulture industry for 25 years and have provided environmental protection structures for a vast range of different needs, from aircraft hangers to commercial growers to effluent ponds.